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From Skyrim to The Elder Scrolls Online

Quite possibly the most eagerly anticipated single-player game of 2012, Skyrim opened the world to dragons, inviting you to the icy Nordic lands, and gave you more power to define and shape your character — and your world — than ever before.

Not just Alchemy anymore…

Blacksmithing — far more than armor and weapon repair — now involves you in the full crafting experience. Cooking opens up several possibilities, from place-able finished dishes (critical to housing enthusiasts) to the immersive need to eat for nourishment. Previous Elder Scrolls games required an in-depth “mod”, a user-created add-on module, to make the game feel like you were living it on such a deep level. Bethesda paid attention, and included many of these elements in Skyrim, where you may cut wood, work leather, mine gems and metals, and more… if the NPCs are doing it, you can probably do it, too.1

The Elder Scrolls Online 1

The Elder Scrolls Online 1 (Photo credit: SpicaGames)

With all of these additions from one title to the next, does The Elder Scrolls Online — bringing the well-established single-player ES universe into the MMO free-for-all (probably not free to play) zoo — herald even more customization and immersion?

Or, will TESO’s lack of player housing at launch — always an issue to me — and the probable need to group up with others to¬†finish¬†high-level content divide the player base even further?

Asked from the perspective of someone who STILL loves — and plays — Morrowind, admittedly with mods. Lots of mods.


1: http://www.gameswelt.tv/19748/the-elder-scrolls-v-skyrim/video-interview-mit-todd-howard.html