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The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer

Just watched the trailer at Hulu.

First impressions:  The first person views are good.  It reminds me of some of the video games I’ve played.  There is a dark feel to the trailer.  Reminds me of Dark Night.  I would like to see another trailer to get a better feel for the direction they are going to take. I haven’t seen anything new.  I would have been comfortable with them using another actor, but continuing the current timeline and not start from the moment Parker gets bit.

I know the Spidey franchise has made tons of cash.  I don’t know if this particular one will do the same or even get close.  There are other comics out there that should be created instead of rehashing what’s already out there.

Let’s see more of the Hellfire Club, maybe a Spidey / Wolvie mix-up, or some She-Hulk action.  Let’s get some new blood out there while you have the marketing power.  Get out of the rut, take the risk and do something different.