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Neverland Trailer: Mini Series to Prequel Peter Pan

December 4th and 5th is the two night premiere of Neverland on the “new” SyFy network.

I will say I am definitely intrigued.  Hook and Pan before they went to Neverland.  The trailer tease looks good, Kiera Knightley trades in her pirate costume for a fairy to play Tinkerbell. Bob Hoskins reprises his role as Smee, a fun and familiar choice.

Rhys Ifans plays Hook who appears to be an instructor, I’m not sure if its just swords or includes other skills as well, who has a young boy named Peter (Charlie Rowe) in his class.  Peter idolizes Hook and learns as much as he can from him.  Until of course they find themselves split up in Neverland — Hook finding himself with the pirates who are already engaged in a campaign to remove the natives from their land, and Peter in the hands of Tinkerbell.

It doesn’t need to be completely Sci-Fi.  Any step away from wrestling is a step in the right direction.