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Bows for Baby W

My sister Michelle is 34 weeks along and is very crafty.  She just sent me some bows she made for Baby W.  Here’s a few of them below.  I didn’t realize those were skull and crossbones until I made the picture bigger.  The dread pirate Baby W. Awesome!!

She wants to name the baby to have the initials W. O. W.  but is having a difficult time deciding the names.  We went through a few of names with her but couldn’t really come up with anything that really fit.

I recently heard about people who will change their babies names about 6 months to a year after they were born.  Why you ask?  It seems like their personalities no longer fit the name of the child.  This would explain why in some cultures they will wait up to six months before naming the child.

In the series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin, there is a similar situation  (I don’t recall which book – sigh I guess I will have to read them all again) where Samwell Tarly (Sam the Slayer) was begged by a woman who recently gave birth to not name the child until a certain time had passed.