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Are You Game?

You’re at work, trying to stay focused on yet another repetitive task, and your mind wanders to what you could be doing, that which seems more productive for the feelings of accomplishment inherent to great game design. Chess players mull over strategy when they’re not in a match. Athletes jog through their lunches and move as much as possible while they’re at the office.

Believe me, video game enthusiasts — gamers — are no different. We think about which of our friends we haven’t recruited into our Facebook gaming addiction in the last few weeks, and we realize we’d rather be gathering material for that ring-mail armor we’ve planned to make, and we relive the adrenaline rush from the latest Capture the Flag competition through XBox Live.

Essentially, we’d all rather be playing.

Do you game?
What are your favorite games, and what are you playing now?


Image by Br3nda via Flickr