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Grimm Tidings on NBC

Grimm Returns...

Grimm Returns…

Nick Burkhardt (David Giutoli) finds out that he is a Grimm — a descendant of the Brothers Grimm — and all of the stories from his childhood are revealed as truth.

The monsters are an interesting take on psychopaths.  Hiding and controlling the monster within from the rest of the world, some monsters express their inner demons, and in one case chooses to become a lawyer (not to imply any connection between the two…).  Even the “reformed” monsters have difficulties holding back; we see moments where control is lost.  Who’s afraid of the big, bad wolf?

Only through the Grimm “vision” and Nick’s vigilance is Nick able to save the day in the end.  Meanwhile the main story, which follows the legacy of the Grimms, features the Aunt who chose to protect him from the family secret — the monsters who seek ways to defeat the Grimm and rid the family of their history… and future.

Grimm may very well be an NBC version of Supernatural, now in it’s seventh season on CW. Or is it a replacement for Fringe?