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Every Recipe in Just One Book

Browsing for Cookies with Cooking Aficionado

Cooking Aficionado "pops out" photos.

Stating the obvious here: foodies crave new flavors, new ways to startle the taste buds. Cooking Aficionado has been my go-to tool for years, as it organizes everything I find and create — complete with handsome pop-out photos — however I decide to organize my recipes. Do you like recipe books that divide dishes into type? Set up Appetizers, Salads, Soups & Stews, and so on. Would you prefer setting up your main entrees according to cuisine? I’ve built up such a large section for Indian food that I may have to subdivide by region, but this recipe program makes it easy to change the categories whenever you want.

Gathering recipes in my email every day gives me a grand stock of different things to try, including these Dark Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies from Epicurious. Editing saved recipes is even easier than entering them in the first place, and you’ve got a search function that looks for keywords in recipe titles as well as ingredients, just in case you’ve filed one away in the wrong category.

Editing Recipes with Cooking Aficionado

Change everything you see, even the color scheme.

Eight different color schemes — from the light-text-on-dark theme shown here to a traditional black-and-white or a bright daisy color combination, for example — makes this cooking software even more comfortable to use every day.

I’ve found that Cooking Aficionado is as robust, easy to use and flexible as most of the paid recipe software available, but if you’re using something different and you’d like JoPaMi to check it out, just let us know!