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Nimble Fingers: OhSooCute Finger Puppets

OhSooCute’s crochet collection on Etsy seems to change too quickly to keep up! With many made-to-order items sold out almost as soon as they’re posted, I have to keep checking backfind the latest creations. Today I had an alien encounter at the farm…

Blue Monster Finger Puppet

Blue Monster Finger Puppet

Pink Piggy Finger Puppet

Pink Piggy Finger Puppet

These are part of an adorable set of nine characters, including roosters, bears, and bunnies, each sold separately for only $3.00 apiece. While you’re checking them out, take a peek at the Penguin Fingerless Gloves on OhSooCute as well; I’m partial to the blue ones.


Bows for Baby W

My sister Michelle is 34 weeks along and is very crafty.  She just sent me some bows she made for Baby W.  Here’s a few of them below.  I didn’t realize those were skull and crossbones until I made the picture bigger.  The dread pirate Baby W. Awesome!!

She wants to name the baby to have the initials W. O. W.  but is having a difficult time deciding the names.  We went through a few of names with her but couldn’t really come up with anything that really fit.

I recently heard about people who will change their babies names about 6 months to a year after they were born.  Why you ask?  It seems like their personalities no longer fit the name of the child.  This would explain why in some cultures they will wait up to six months before naming the child.

In the series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin, there is a similar situation  (I don’t recall which book – sigh I guess I will have to read them all again) where Samwell Tarly (Sam the Slayer) was begged by a woman who recently gave birth to not name the child until a certain time had passed.

Penguin Sweaters

Little Blue Penguin, Blue Penguin, or Fairy Pe...

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The Little Blue Penguin is the world’s smallest penguin and is one of the most recent victims of an oil spill.  The Taurunga oil spill unleashed at least 2,500 barrels of oil into the penguins environment.  These penguins are now at serious risk of freezing to death.

OohSoCute has submitted free crotchet instructions to make a penguin sweater to prevent penguins from preening and swallowing the toxic oil.  What happens is that the birds will literally use their beaks to try and clean it’s feathers.  This is particularly dangerous, because the oil is toxic when ingested.  In addition, because of how difficult it is to remove the oil the birds may continue preening until the oil is completely gone. Unfortunately that may mean that they have removed their own feathers.

Please take a moment to help out if you can.  Ways you can do that is by making your own penguin sweater by using the pattern provided by OohSoCute (Penguin Sweater Pattern) and sending it off, or sharing this link with your friends who can make the sweater for you. Don’t have the time? Let OohSoCute create and send the penguin sweaters for you!

Pattern provided by OohSoCute: Penguin Sweater Pattern

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Penguin Sweater Pattern

by OohSoCute

For: New Zealand Penguins

4” Wide
9” in Length

100% Wool
Crochet Hook: I-9 (5.5MM) and H-8 (5.0MM)

Stitches Used:
Chain (ch), single crochet (sc), slip stitch (sl st),
Half Double Crochet (hdc), stitch (st)

Ribbed Band
Crochet Hook: H-8 (5.0MM)

Ch. 8
Row 1: Hdc in 2nd ch from hook and in each remaining ch across, turn – (Total 7 hdc)

Row 2-18: Ch 1, Hdc in each st across. Repeat until piece measures 8”.

Join with sl st in each st to form the band.

Flip the band inside out so that the seam is on the inside.
Do not fasten off.

Body of Sweater
Use Crochet Hook: I-9 (5.5MM)

Row 1-2: Evenly crochet 26-27 sc around the band.

Chest Section

Row 3: Sc in 6 st, ch 1, Turn
Row 4-8: *Sc in 12 st, ch 1, Turn (Repeat at *)
Fasten Off.

Flipper Space

Leave 2 st in between Front & Back Sections
2.25” in length

Back Section

Leaving 2 st for Flipper Space, Sl st into 3rd st (counts as first sc)

Row 1: Sc in 11 st, ch 1, Turn

Row 4-5: *Sc in 12 st, ch 1, Turn (Repeat at *)
Do not Fasten Off.

Make sure the Front and Back Sections are even in length.

Closing Flipper Space

Starting from the last row in the Back Section,

At Flipper Space #1, ch 3, sc in each st in Front Section.

At Flipper Space #2, ch 3, sc in each st in Back Section.

Penguin Body from the flipper down

Sc in each st around until the total length of the sweater is 9” (approximately 29 single crochets)

Finishing Flipper Spaces

Sl st into any st in Flipper Space, sc around the Flipper Space.

Finish both Flipper Spaces.

Article: Penguin Sweaters

What’s In a Name?

Line art example of a crochet hook with chain.

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Lauren and Michelle are looking for a name to help describe their new company.  You’ve seen some of their work in previous posts, why not help them out and choose one of the following, or even submit a name of your own?

Take a look at their work on our previous posts:

Motif Blankets

After moving to Port Angeles, WA, Michelle put her crotchet skills to work making blankets to keep warm during the cold winter nights of the Northwest.  Very quickly, she built up demand from her neighbors whose spouses were stationed there during their military tour.  Since then she’s moved to California, and then Florida, where warm blankets were no longer needed, but parents love using them as snuggly blankets for newborns and small children.

Michelle is currently working on a set of blankets, booties, hats, and mittens for her own child, expected in December.  Let us know if you would like to see her make a special item and we will post it here for you.

Motif BlanketBlanket Inspections  Patterns

See Crochet Creations for some fun designs from Lauren, Michelle’s sister.

Crochet Creations

My sisters Lauren and Michelle have been crocheting since they were “littles” doing everything from caterpillars, snowmen, pot holders, and various toys.  Lauren started working on hats for the last few years while going through college.  Now Lauren’s running with the idea of the hats and animals and has put together things like the Polar Bear hat, Owl hat, and even a try at Hiccup the dragon from “How To Train Your Dragon”.

Send us your ideas of different animals or things you would like to see in hat form.  Then we’ll post them here for you.

“Peanut Butter” the Polar Bear


“Pop Rock” the Owl

Booties for my niece

See Motif Blankets for Michelle’s crocheted creations — beautiful crocheted baby blankets!