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Little Blue Penguin, Blue Penguin, or Fairy Pe...

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The Little Blue Penguin is the world’s smallest penguin and is one of the most recent victims of an oil spill.  The Taurunga oil spill unleashed at least 2,500 barrels of oil into the penguins environment.  These penguins are now at serious risk of freezing to death.

OohSoCute has submitted free crotchet instructions to make a penguin sweater to prevent penguins from preening and swallowing the toxic oil.  What happens is that the birds will literally use their beaks to try and clean it’s feathers.  This is particularly dangerous, because the oil is toxic when ingested.  In addition, because of how difficult it is to remove the oil the birds may continue preening until the oil is completely gone. Unfortunately that may mean that they have removed their own feathers.

Please take a moment to help out if you can.  Ways you can do that is by making your own penguin sweater by using the pattern provided by OohSoCute (Penguin Sweater Pattern) and sending it off, or sharing this link with your friends who can make the sweater for you. Don’t have the time? Let OohSoCute create and send the penguin sweaters for you!

Pattern provided by OohSoCute: Penguin Sweater Pattern

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4 thoughts on “Penguin Sweaters

  1. Pingback: “When did penguins first wear sweaters?” | CATERPICKLES

    1. Mireille Larkins-Burton

      Thanks for the follow-up on the state of the penguins, Caterpickles — and for the link, as well. This is a great example of how quickly positive change happens when an issue reaches across niches through the internet.



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