What’s In a Name?

Line art example of a crochet hook with chain.

Image via Wikipedia

Lauren and Michelle are looking for a name to help describe their new company.  You’ve seen some of their work in previous posts, why not help them out and choose one of the following, or even submit a name of your own?

Take a look at their work on our previous posts:


3 thoughts on “What’s In a Name?

    1. Mireille Larkins-Burton

      Marketing angle:

      Or this one; I’ve found some very cool items here, so we could write something up for this site:

      I know you’re not looking at a Japanese inspiration, but there will be comparisons to Kawaii already, especially with the hats. Why not run with it? And, it’s very much the thing right now. Check the Submissions page on the second site for guidelines.



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