Crochet Creations

My sisters Lauren and Michelle have been crocheting since they were “littles” doing everything from caterpillars, snowmen, pot holders, and various toys.  Lauren started working on hats for the last few years while going through college.  Now Lauren’s running with the idea of the hats and animals and has put together things like the Polar Bear hat, Owl hat, and even a try at Hiccup the dragon from “How To Train Your Dragon”.

Send us your ideas of different animals or things you would like to see in hat form.  Then we’ll post them here for you.

“Peanut Butter” the Polar Bear


“Pop Rock” the Owl

Booties for my niece

See Motif Blankets for Michelle’s crocheted creations — beautiful crocheted baby blankets!


5 thoughts on “Crochet Creations

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  3. Lauren from OhhSooCute

    Thanks for stopping by our facebook page 🙂 The booties are the only item made from a pattern from Crochet by Teresa on youtube. All other items are custom made so we have complete creative control. The Penguin Sweater is the only crochet pattern written out for fellow crochet lovers. Please feel free to contact us on our Facebook page.

    Thanks again:)



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