Battle Pirates on Facebook

Starcraft, Eve Online, and Tower Defense in a Waterworld average joe vs the evil corporation.  Kixeye’s Battle Pirates certainly fills this role.  You start off on a spit of land and begin by mining your resources: Oil, metal, energy, and zynthium.  The tutorial does walk you through and give you an idea of how the interface works.image

I was happy enough spending time just mining, setting up buildings, building ships for my fleet and setting up perimeter defenses.  Until I decided to take the fleet out for a spin.  You don’t get to see the entire ocean, you can only see your immediate surroundings and anyplace your fleet has visited.  So of course, I spent my time running patterns around my island trying to open my field of vision. That’s when I found the resource islands.  All over the place little islands are available with mining opportunities.  I decided to pull right up and start gathering resources.  Everything is going well, the ship is getting loaded up.  Hey look, another player is getting close to me, probably just wanting to get a closer look at what I’m doing.  Next thing I know, I’m in a battle.

You have two choices: Join the battle or Hide.  I’m not really sure what Hide does.  I tried it once when a much higher level fleet was attacking me.  Didn’t do anything so I just joined the battle.  Maybe I should have waited.  EDIT: One of our readers explained that the Hide option merely hides alerts; thank you Fallen-sec86!

The battle screen gets a closer view of your individual ships in your fleet and you can assign each ship it’s own target.  Over time you start to figure out patters with the NPCs.  Live action with another player is a whole other story.  You do have seven days from the time you start playing, until another player can attack your base.  It’s recommended to gather up as many resources as possible and build up your defenses.  I’m still on day one we will see how that idea pans out.

There is a wiki out there, but it really isn’t even worth clicking on.  I did find a pretty decent game guide in one of Kixeye’s forums (A Complete Guide to Battle Pirates).  So far the game isn’t dependent upon how many friends I have.  I’m getting bored of having to “hire” my friends to do stuff on my game page (Sims Social, Social Empires, or most of the other Zynga games).  I have seen some chat on Battle Pirates about alliances.  Did I forget to mention that there is in-game chat available?

Stop waiting – go check out Battle Pirates on Facebook.



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