Grimm Tidings on NBC

Grimm Returns...

Grimm Returns…

Nick Burkhardt (David Giutoli) finds out that he is a Grimm — a descendant of the Brothers Grimm — and all of the stories from his childhood are revealed as truth.

The monsters are an interesting take on psychopaths.  Hiding and controlling the monster within from the rest of the world, some monsters express their inner demons, and in one case chooses to become a lawyer (not to imply any connection between the two…).  Even the “reformed” monsters have difficulties holding back; we see moments where control is lost.  Who’s afraid of the big, bad wolf?

Only through the Grimm “vision” and Nick’s vigilance is Nick able to save the day in the end.  Meanwhile the main story, which follows the legacy of the Grimms, features the Aunt who chose to protect him from the family secret — the monsters who seek ways to defeat the Grimm and rid the family of their history… and future.

Grimm may very well be an NBC version of Supernatural, now in it’s seventh season on CW. Or is it a replacement for Fringe?


Nimble Fingers: OhSooCute Finger Puppets

OhSooCute’s crochet collection on Etsy seems to change too quickly to keep up! With many made-to-order items sold out almost as soon as they’re posted, I have to keep checking backfind the latest creations. Today I had an alien encounter at the farm…

Blue Monster Finger Puppet

Blue Monster Finger Puppet

Pink Piggy Finger Puppet

Pink Piggy Finger Puppet

These are part of an adorable set of nine characters, including roosters, bears, and bunnies, each sold separately for only $3.00 apiece. While you’re checking them out, take a peek at the Penguin Fingerless Gloves on OhSooCute as well; I’m partial to the blue ones.

From Skyrim to The Elder Scrolls Online

Quite possibly the most eagerly anticipated single-player game of 2012, Skyrim opened the world to dragons, inviting you to the icy Nordic lands, and gave you more power to define and shape your character — and your world — than ever before.

Not just Alchemy anymore…

Blacksmithing — far more than armor and weapon repair — now involves you in the full crafting experience. Cooking opens up several possibilities, from place-able finished dishes (critical to housing enthusiasts) to the immersive need to eat for nourishment. Previous Elder Scrolls games required an in-depth “mod”, a user-created add-on module, to make the game feel like you were living it on such a deep level. Bethesda paid attention, and included many of these elements in Skyrim, where you may cut wood, work leather, mine gems and metals, and more… if the NPCs are doing it, you can probably do it, too.1

The Elder Scrolls Online 1

The Elder Scrolls Online 1 (Photo credit: SpicaGames)

With all of these additions from one title to the next, does The Elder Scrolls Online — bringing the well-established single-player ES universe into the MMO free-for-all (probably not free to play) zoo — herald even more customization and immersion?

Or, will TESO’s lack of player housing at launch — always an issue to me — and the probable need to group up with others to finish high-level content divide the player base even further?

Asked from the perspective of someone who STILL loves — and plays — Morrowind, admittedly with mods. Lots of mods.



MMOs, Housing, and Hope (Part 2)

There's No Place Like Home

You CAN go home again...

Since the first article in this series, MMOs, Housing, and Hope, I’ve rediscovered an older gem in a new setting: EverQuest II Extended, usually called EQ2X by those in the know (that is, geeky gamer types like me). The X, or Extended, refers to the Free-to-Play option, a remarkably robust system with more than enough quests and regions to get you to the level cap (maximum level) with plenty of quests to finish when you get there. However, rather than extolling the virtues of running a free-to-play model this way, I’ll get you straight to what you’re here for — the housing.

EQ2X housing offers a wide variety of options in each capital city. Starting with the standard “apartment”, a two-level structure with windows, a storage area, and in some cases, a fireplace, you pay just a few silver for weekly upkeep on an open-ended, deeply customizable housing system. Place furniture, trophies and doodads wherever you like, setting up a table and chairs in the center of a rug, then adding candlesticks and place settings, until the full RPG look is ready for your visitors — invite them over for lunch! Home access permissions are similar to LotRO, with different degrees of visitor access and control — if you want someone else to pay your upkeep, treat them like family, with full access to move and re-size your furnishings.

EverQuest II Extended Housing

Note the statue with her arms upraised; my character is half the height of that figure.

EverQuest II Extended Housing

That statue is a four-inch tall figurine in my son's house, and she guards the message center.

How do I move my furniture?

Your mouse scroll wheel controls everything from rotating to raising and lowering furnishings, as well as changing their size:

  • Rotate item: Scroll mouse wheel up and down
  • Adjust height: Control (ctrl) plus mouse wheel to lift items off the floor and place them (against a wall, for example) in mid-air
  • Re-size item: Shift plus mouse wheel to miniaturize or giant-size your furniture and decor

One of the first things I noticed when I placed a bed I’d earned from a quest, was that the bed looked ridiculously small next to my character’s frame. This quest took place in a pixie-like realm, so of course the bed was tiny. I ran through a number of crafting quests to make my own bed (not quite right, but certainly larger) before realizing that I could re-size the original bed. Nevertheless, the EQ2X crafting options for furnishings include several different styles, letting you create and decorate to your tastes. And if two rooms aren’t enough, turn your woodworking talents to room dividers, or just pack up and move your stuff into a bigger home.

EverQuest II Extended Housing

Look out the window and see your reflection in the mirror. Place books as you like -- on tables, in shelves, stacked on a box... you get the idea. It's YOUR home!

While I do prefer the graphics in LotRO, you’d expect far less visual competition from an older game like EQ2 (originally released in 2004). However, in EverQuest II, I love scrolling in to closely examine threadwork on my armor, etchings along the edge of a table, and the wide variety of textures throughout the game. EQ2 hasn’t just “aged well”, it’s on par with many modern games and in some aspects far better than most — housing, in particular.

Neverland Trailer: Mini Series to Prequel Peter Pan

December 4th and 5th is the two night premiere of Neverland on the “new” SyFy network.

I will say I am definitely intrigued.  Hook and Pan before they went to Neverland.  The trailer tease looks good, Kiera Knightley trades in her pirate costume for a fairy to play Tinkerbell. Bob Hoskins reprises his role as Smee, a fun and familiar choice.

Rhys Ifans plays Hook who appears to be an instructor, I’m not sure if its just swords or includes other skills as well, who has a young boy named Peter (Charlie Rowe) in his class.  Peter idolizes Hook and learns as much as he can from him.  Until of course they find themselves split up in Neverland — Hook finding himself with the pirates who are already engaged in a campaign to remove the natives from their land, and Peter in the hands of Tinkerbell.

It doesn’t need to be completely Sci-Fi.  Any step away from wrestling is a step in the right direction.

Bows for Baby W

My sister Michelle is 34 weeks along and is very crafty.  She just sent me some bows she made for Baby W.  Here’s a few of them below.  I didn’t realize those were skull and crossbones until I made the picture bigger.  The dread pirate Baby W. Awesome!!

She wants to name the baby to have the initials W. O. W.  but is having a difficult time deciding the names.  We went through a few of names with her but couldn’t really come up with anything that really fit.

I recently heard about people who will change their babies names about 6 months to a year after they were born.  Why you ask?  It seems like their personalities no longer fit the name of the child.  This would explain why in some cultures they will wait up to six months before naming the child.

In the series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin, there is a similar situation  (I don’t recall which book – sigh I guess I will have to read them all again) where Samwell Tarly (Sam the Slayer) was begged by a woman who recently gave birth to not name the child until a certain time had passed.

The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer

Just watched the trailer at Hulu.

First impressions:  The first person views are good.  It reminds me of some of the video games I’ve played.  There is a dark feel to the trailer.  Reminds me of Dark Night.  I would like to see another trailer to get a better feel for the direction they are going to take. I haven’t seen anything new.  I would have been comfortable with them using another actor, but continuing the current timeline and not start from the moment Parker gets bit.

I know the Spidey franchise has made tons of cash.  I don’t know if this particular one will do the same or even get close.  There are other comics out there that should be created instead of rehashing what’s already out there.

Let’s see more of the Hellfire Club, maybe a Spidey / Wolvie mix-up, or some She-Hulk action.  Let’s get some new blood out there while you have the marketing power.  Get out of the rut, take the risk and do something different.